Finding the most profitable slots

What do you look for when you decide to try your luck with a new slot machine? The next few paragraphs will give you a fresh perspective when choosing which slots to play. Using RTP database is one of the main things you can rely on to get the most out of when playing for real money. The RTP calculates how much of the total bet from each game goes back to the player’s pocket on average. The remaining part is what is known as the house edge. Let’s imagine that of 100% of the bet, the player recovers on average 97%. So the house edge is 3%.

Most slot machines have an RTP of between 92 and 98.5%. At first glance it may seem like a small difference, but if you look at it from the casino’s point of view, the profits go from 8% to just 1.5%. The house has 5 times more chances of winning, which are obviously subtracted from yours.

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Play slots for fun

The RNG device that marks the operation of each slot machine is in charge of making them reliable, but also unpredictable. Never forget that gambling is a matter of luck, and the casino always has the upper hand. It is true that you can maximize your chances of success by choosing a slot and adapting your way of playing to achieve the highest performance, but these two conditions never go away. There is no foolproof strategy.

We all have a bad day from time to time, and when that time comes you should ask yourself why you bet on slots. The fun is in the game process – Winning casino slots is a part of that process, but not the only goal. Stop playing when it’s no longer fun.

What are loose slots?

Loose slots are online slots with characteristics considered particularly favorable to the players (saving the casino advantage). They are called that in opposition to those considered “tight slots”, which have a lower RTP and a high variance index. The two characteristics that define loose slots have nothing to do with their functions, number of reels, theme or bonuses


Play for free: exclusive oline casino games in 2020

Many online casinos offer the ability to play Online casino games without betting money, helping users to get to know the virtual environment while gaining skills with the more complex games.

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Free slot machines

Slot machines are a classic, but if this is your first time playing a new title, you may need to familiarize yourself with their functions and side games before deciding to bet your money. In order for you to become an expert user, many casinos offer to practice playing with Free Spins Bonuses free spins. There are various types of slot games that you can find online, from the traditional 3-reel to the most current.

Free board games

Have you ever played table games in a casino? Don’t worry, the websites also offer the ability to practice board games for free. Play for free Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Video Poker – each casino has its own catalog of free table games.

Casino: no deposit bonuses

The best way to test a casino is with a session that includes a good batch of free spins. Therefore, we not only recommend the best online casinos, but also those that offer generous promotions in their Welcome Bonuses. No Deposit Bonuses usually appear associated with bonus codes that the casino informs you of when you are about to open a new account. Of course, you must bear in mind that these amounts are usually small, and that these bonuses do not always work with all casino games.

Mobile casino

The novelties in the gaming sector do not stop and the new online casinos are not only ready, but they take full advantage of the screens of Smartphone and tablets. The future of gambling is literally in the pockets of users. You can also play free casino games on your mobile phone. Of course, for tables and machines with more complex software, it must be borne in mind that there are still some limitations, such as lack of coverage, a reduced number of titles or tables or that the interface varies to suit the size of the screen. These limitations may cause the gaming experience on a mobile or tablet to be different from playing on the computer screen.


Guide to gambling with real money: choosing slots

Let’s see how to choose the highest paying slots in the Casino. We will analyze the range of games available step by step, so you know where to start. When you access the gaming platform, you find a huge number of claims and available slots – most popular slots, with the largest jackpot, news, etc. So much information can be overwhelming and lead you to choose without other criteria than the brightest or best advertised game.

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Volatility and RTP in slots

These two characteristics are what determine how often a slot machine awards prizes, how big those prizes are, and the total balance of winnings for the player at the end of the game. They will be very useful when determining the type of game sessions you need to develop to get the best performance from a slot. Both are reflected in the credits or the casino’s instructions “about the game”. Volatility is something that you will have to deduce yourself. Regarding the RTP, the easiest and fastest thing is to enter the name of the game in RTP database.

Progressive jackpots or Jackpot

Online progressive jackpot titles are one of the main claims of online casinos. They consist of a cumulative jackpot that is collected from all the spins carried out on the same title by players from the same casino and operator, sometimes even internationally. Every jackpot starts from a minimum amount that comparatively can have very little to envy with any other non-cumulative jackpot. But as time passes and more and more player contributions are added, it can grow to astronomical numbers.

The success of progressive slots is based on the possibility of winning a mega prize, but often their RTP is low and their volatility very high. This means that gaming sessions are usually, if the statistics are met, less lucrative for players. For a newbie to the world of online slots, jackpot slots may seem like the best option to win tons of money. And often this idea is supplemented by the belief that the longer you carry the jackpot, the more likely it is about to hit.