Do you know the different types of Bingo online?

Nowadays it is more and more common to Play Online Bingo and interested parties are often in doubt about sites, games and types of bingo. Precisely for this reason it is opportune to compile online bingo tips so that the Internet user can feel more prepared before venturing into the universe of games on the web.

Types of online Bingo

If you are looking for the best Bingo tips, it is good to know the types of Bingo available online.

Fast Bingo: In this modality, only 30 balls and cards with only 9 squares are used. It is played very quickly and that’s why it is played with only a 3 by 3 card. This modality is the most suitable for those who want to earn money very quickly.

Full wallet: Here the big goal is to be able to fill in the 25 numbers on the card. The total prize is only awarded in full when the player is able to complete the card by the 41st ball. After that, the value of the prize gradually decreases.

Winner circle: The main objective is for the player to be able to fill the 16 squares that are on the edge of the card. Therefore, to win in this type of bingo you will have to get an “O” format on the card before the other players.

Four corners: The player needs to fill the four corners of the card. To play this variant you need to be patient, as you can only win if you can fill boxes B1, B5, O1 and O5. This modality needs competitor’s resistance.

Cross: This variant is very much appreciated by religious people. The player becomes a winner when he manages to form a cross on the card.

Regular: It is the traditional form of the game. There are three ways to be the winner – first fill in a horizontal line, two horizontal lines or the entire card.


After checking out these online bingo tips the reader can feel more secure and prepared to try out this game of chance that has gained even more popularity on the internet.


8 winning tips for playing online bingo

Traditionally, bingo is a game of luck – it literary means that Bingo does not depend as much on strategies or techniques to win. However, there are some precious tips that can be applied in the online rooms and increase the chances of the Bingo Player filling out his card.

Essential tips for Bingo players

  1. A valuable tip is the choice of the room. Do not enter one that is full, because the more players, the more diluted the chances of winning.
  2. It is very useful to gather as much experience as possible: the more the better. Join the bingo clubs, chat with experienced players and try out various game modes.
  3. Stay informed and read the reviews of the bingo rooms. They are extremely useful for avoiding dubious games and websites.
  4. Pay attention to the bonuses offered. Sites with good reputations usually offer excellent opportunities for beginning players.
  5. Be flexible when choosing the number of cards you want to play. In some cases, several cards compensate for more than just one. However, this will depend on your experience, instinct, agility in the game and bingo mode.
  6. Be careful when dialing the called numbers. Check and confirm that you have completed it correctly.
  7. In some cases, bonus balls will be withdrawn. These are different in color and mean extra prizes.
  8. Finally, when you are on a winning streak, it is important to act like a professional.

Rules for playing online bingo

Online bingo can be found in several formats, almost all with a free version and another with real money. Basically, to make it easy to identify them, we can separate them into some categories.

Traditional bingo game: can be opened in the browser or in an application and played solo or with players from all over the world. The numbers are drawn one at a time and the dialing can be automatic.

Online bingo rooms: these are exclusive rooms in each house. Similar to the previous one, but always played in groups and with accumulated prizes.

Video bingo: most popular format, with a very quick draw and the possibility of extra balls, besides an accumulated prize. It is always played with a player and has free versions on the web and via the app.


Where to find online bingo games?

The game can be found safely and reliably in two locations: an online casino or a bingo hall. The first offers other categories such as slot machines, online roulette and the like. However, it must be a well thought out decision, as we are talking about real money. So it is worthwhile to rely on a casino rating and review site. They are pages specialized in checking various aspects of these houses, such as: security, support, payment methods, etc.

Knowing this, it is much easier to find an online casino or bingo house, where there are guarantees, and you can Play Bingo with peace at mind. After a quick registration, the player can make a first deposit – which often comes with a welcome bonus. Hence, just choose one of the online bingos.

Play free vs. Real money

As mentioned, some online bingo games can be found in free versions. Just play the name of the game in a browser and access any website. Since there is no money involved, there is no need for caution. This format is also found on the sites that offer real bingo, usually online casinos. Although the free versions are fun, your winnings never go into cash. For that, it is always necessary to bet for real. So playing bingo for free is great for fun or practice, but there is more to be experienced. With an account registered on a trusted website, it is possible to place bets for even a few cents. The advantage is clear: the possibility of winning prizes and withdrawing the winnings.

It is easy to play

The bingo game works very simply, you buy cards with numbers and mark those that are drawn. Every time you fill in a pattern of rows, columns or diagonals to be awarded, you make a bingo and win. Online bingo works in the same way and with chats between players you can even chat and interact while playing. Winning at online bingo offers even more possibilities. The best sites to play bingo have several game rooms with many possibilities to win prizes. Bingo is a game that works even better when played online.