Do you know the different types of Bingo online?

Nowadays it is more and more common to Play Online Bingo and interested parties are often in doubt about sites, games and types of bingo. Precisely for this reason it is opportune to compile online bingo tips so that the Internet user can feel more prepared before venturing into the universe of games on the web.BINGO – Council 5357

Types of online Bingo

If you are looking for the best Bingo tips, it is good to know the types of Bingo available online.

Fast Bingo: In this modality, only 30 balls and cards with only 9 squares are used. It is played very quickly and that’s why it is played with only a 3 by 3 card. This modality is the most suitable for those who want to earn money very quickly.

Full wallet: Here the big goal is to be able to fill in the 25 numbers on the card. The total prize is only awarded in full when the player is able to complete the card by the 41st ball. After that, the value of the prize gradually decreases.

Winner circle: The main objective is for the player to be able to fill the 16 squares that are on the edge of the card. Therefore, to win in this type of bingo you will have to get an “O” format on the card before the other players.

Four corners: The player needs to fill the four corners of the card. To play this variant you need to be patient, as you can only win if you can fill boxes B1, B5, O1 and O5. This modality needs competitor’s resistance.

Cross: This variant is very much appreciated by religious people. The player becomes a winner when he manages to form a cross on the card.

Regular: It is the traditional form of the game. There are three ways to be the winner – first fill in a horizontal line, two horizontal lines or the entire card.


After checking out these online bingo tips the reader can feel more secure and prepared to try out this game of chance that has gained even more popularity on the internet.