Singapore Pools Betting: The Goalscorer Market

Football is a popular sport globally, as almost every country has established local leagues to excite many sports fans worldwide. As this sport grew throughout the years, international matches became part of our lives.

Watching live matches with others is entertaining, and the adrenaline does not end there. Sports enthusiasts can also feel the thrill through football and soccer betting Singapore. They can place wagers for players who think they will score the opener, equalizer, winning tiebreaker, also known as the goalscorer market.

What is the Goalscorer Market?

In a goalscorer market, there are 20 players on the pitch. The two goalkeepers are not included. Bettors must choose and place a bet on one player to score the goal. Because bettors have to concentrate on the attacking team, this type of betting is more likely to win.

However, it is possible to lose by betting on well-known players with a history of scoring great goals.

The Goalscorer Rules

The following conditions are applied to this betting market:

  • Bettors will lose their wagers if a goalless draw happens.
  • There is a refund for bettors who placed a bet on the player that did not enter the game
  • If a player becomes a substitute during the match, all bets on that player will stand at that moment
  • Some sportsbooks do not include extra time, and they may have a different betting market.

Bettors have three options for placing their money on goalscorers: the first, last, and anytime goalscorer. Any player who scores the match’s first goal is called the first goalscorer. The opposite of the first goal scorer is the last one. This player will be the one who scores the final goal. An anytime goalscorer scores a goal in the 90-minute regular football game. For many bettors, the goalscorer market in Singapore Pools football bet type is easy. However, it is crucial to be familiar with every player and team to make accurate predictions.

For more information about the goalscorer market in Singapore Pools, here is an infographic from CM2Bet.