Watch like a hawk if you want to play and win poker online

There is an old saying in poker that says – play the player, not your cards. It is an elegant way of saying that poker is based on the situation. Your hand is usually good or bad just in relation to what the other guy is holding. K-K is a fantastic hand, but if another player has A-A, his kings will lose 82{58d1cb7afd04e87775ef3b750604c762de9ea799051c801911309dd600f07014} of the time. Imagine the opposite situation – you have A-10, while the other guy has J-J. The flop opens 10-8-6. Suddenly, your two 10s have only a 20{58d1cb7afd04e87775ef3b750604c762de9ea799051c801911309dd600f07014} chance of winning.

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Do you know the other guy’s hand?

Watch other players and learn how they play. Imagine the situation of the 10-8-6 flop above and you have A-A. What would do? Did you see the guy in front of you playing passive strong hands before? You can play more cautiously with your aces. Have you ever seen him make big bluffs to try to pick up pots when “scary” cards are on the table? You can call his bets or even rise, knowing that 10-10 is a very rare hand. Learn to read the other players and observe the “tips”.

Long-term poker

As a novice player, you will lose some time. Don’t let that kind of loss discourage you. The odds are not always in your favor, but in the long run, those aces will win more than they lose against 9s. Learning how to win at Online Poker Play in Covid 19 is a long-term project that requires playing thousands upon thousands of hands in a real gaming environment. When developing your skills, keep the first three tips in mind – play carefully, be aggressive when necessary and study the table as if it were your favorite movie. Don’t try to make up for losses with silly bets.

Three essential hands

  • Royal Straight Flush: Every player’s dream, it consists of a sequence of 5 cards of the same suit, from 10 to Ace.
  • Full House: This combination consists of a set and a pair. The highest crack is the first tiebreaker, and the highest pair is the second.
  • Sequence: There are 5 cards in sequence, but not of the same suit.